1-1 and Group Chat

Get into private or group conversations. Set conversations name and other meta-data


Messages with any payload type. Share location, photos, GIF's, Voice, Video, pdf.

Video & Audio Call

Let your users get into audio/video calling for the best of your app experience.

UI Toolkit

Open source fully customizable UI kits, Design your app just the way you want.


See if your message has been delivered, read receipts with time stamp.

Push Notifications

Notifications for all messages and announcements, users engage and act.

SMS & Email

Configure fallback as SMS or Email in a single click so offline uses are notified.

Block User

Block or unblock users at any situation you think is appropriate.

Multi Platform

Native SDK's for Android and iOS, Web, PhoneGap, Ionic and rich Platform API's

Cross App Chat

Connect your users on separate apps into a single communication channel.

Data on your Server

Configure Webhooks or simply export data to your servers.

Open Source SDK

Clone our SDK code and UI kits from Github and build anything on top of it.

One - one and group messaging

Enable your users to have conversations in private or common spaces. Set the conversation title and the context.

One to One And Group Messaging
Any message any size

Any message any size

Enable your users to have conversations in private or common spaces. Set the conversation title and the context.


Enhance user engagment and experience by enabling rich messaging features

Audio And Video Calling

Multi Device Sync

User can start conversations on one device and continue on another.

Offline support

Let your users can send messages even in airplane mode, low connectivity or no connectivity at all. Applozic stores the data on device and deliver the messages as soon as the network connectivity is recovered.

Multi Device Sync
Online Presence, Delivery Report, Typing Indicator

Online Presence

See the user's online/offline status and 'Last seen at' time.

Delivery Report

Track the message status, delivery report - lets user understand the message is delivered.

Typing Indicator

Typing indicator - lets the receiver know when the sender is typing. Real time update increases user engagement.

Application to user messaging

Your backend server can send messages to users unlike push notifications, these messages are persisted on the user's device.

Application to user messaging
Cross application messaging

Cross application messaging

Enable chat between users of one application with users on another application, connect users of your multiple applications with each other.

Open source chat and messaging sdk for android, ios, web, phonegap are available in Github!

Get complete documentation for Integrating Chat into your app with native SDKs and Platform Chat APIs




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